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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Guest Blogger: Crystal from The Weekend Homemaker

Hi, I'm Crystal, from The Weekend Homemaker, and I am delighted to be a guest blogger today at House of Turquoise (somebody pinch me!) Erin asked me to share my new home office and I'm really excited to give you the low down on how I turned a rarely used (and poorly decorated) dining room into a space that me and my husband use every day.

We're a family of four living in a smidge less than 2,000 square foot home, meaning space is at a premium. I calculated that in the last two years, our dining room was used maybe three times. In the meantime, my husband and I were taking turns sharing a desk. Hmmm, what's not right about that picture? We finally decided to give up the notion that we were formal dining room kinda people and make use of a great space.

I got busy selling our old dining chairs, desk, desk chair and some bookcases to build up a new office fund. Then, scouring Craigslist, Ikea,, Walmart, and even my own house, I was able to create a great work space for both me and my husband for only an extra $105 out of pocket (in addition to the $740 we made selling our old stuff).

There are so many things I like about this space, I can't choose just one. The curtain fabric was the first thing I bought. I originally had something else in mind but saw this fabric on Young House Love ( and really loved it.

I was even more thrilled when my go-to paint guy chose Benjamin Moore's Palladian Blue as the perfect complement. I can't tell you how much I love this color. The Palladian Blue paired with the crisp white trim really sets the mood for the space and is a great backdrop for the stark white desks and chairs.

I couldn't be happier with how this room turned out and that it is no longer wasted space. And of course my husband loves that we were able to do it for less than $105 (+ the proceeds from the sale of our old stuff).

Visit my blog, The Weekend Homemaker, to read more about how this space came together and to see my plans for the adjoining 'formal' living room.
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Monday, October 24, 2011

Guest Blogger: Allison from Spicer + Bank

Hi everyone, it's Allison from Spicer + Bank! I am so happy to be here today on House of Turquoise. We all know a pop of turquoise can brighten up any interior, but I especially love the look of turquoise ceramics. And as a lover of all things vintage and a design history geek I thought I would share a bit about the history of these gorgeous hued pieces!

Turquoise glazes first began in China during the Song Dynasty (960-1127). And while at first their color was softer, they soon developed a deeper aqua tone. By the early 1500s trade and war booty had brought Chinese turquoise pottery to the Islamic courts in Turkey, where they loved the shade, and they began to add it to their famous dark blue and white ceramics and tiles. Europe was soon also clamoring for the vibrant Chinese pieces and many were made especially for export to the French market. Once in France, they were often fitted with gilt brass mounts - I love the contrast between the organic shaped pottery and the intricate bases! So in short, a craze for all things turquoise is actually quite historic!

A pair of Chinese turquoise glazed hexagonal vases, late Ming/early Qing dynasty. Such a beautiful crackled glaze on these.

An Iznik blue, white, and turquoise tile, Turkey, circa 1530 - see that bold bit of turquoise working its way in!

Chinese turquoise porcelain bowls (1662-1722) with French gilt mounts added in the 19th century - they are so glam and I love the color and turquoise color combo.

And now, here are my favorite picks for modern pieces to infuse beautiful turquoise ceramics into your home! {I especially love that horse}

Hope you enjoyed this bit of design history - I loved sharing! Thanks so much Erin for having me!

{Images via 1, 2-4, 5}


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Friday, September 23, 2011

Guest Blogger: Annette Tatum

Incorporating Turquoise Into Your Home


Annette Tatum

Even as summer comes to a close I am always reminded and inspired by the glistening combination of sun and water when I am out in our pool room.

Adding wallpaper to a room immediately creates an infusion of color and design.

This fun wallpaper I chose for the pool room enabled me to bring in the rich color of aqua water and turquoise sky.

I also love to incorporate hints of luscious blues around the room – like this small shell collection that adds a dreamy touch of resort living.

Shells, flip-flops, and bright turquoise colored towels are all great accessories to add to a room.

Our back yard fun house is adorned with accents like these.

Bold sage and creme stripes are great colors that compliment any shade of blue, especially turquoise.

If decorating an outdoor living space - fabrics like the print on this sofa will fade naturally with the suns rays.

fear not, a little "vintage" like appeal looks great against the textiles in this room.

Personalizing a space by adding a collection of things you love is always important.

Our eclectic mix of china and glassware is a perfect way to harmonize your rooms aesthetic during teatime.

Floral plates with scrolled edges, napkins and tablecloths with one of a kind blue tinted glasses all add charm to a living space. So don’t be afraid to include and mix in other strong colors and styles.

Whether inside or out, this special color gives off the idea of open air serene living, bringing the outdoors in –

which is what this room is all about.

Scattering plenty of blue shades around a room is the best way to gradually add that favorite color (Turquoise!)

you’ve been dying to try out in your home.

For more decor tips-please feel free to visit my blog Annette Tatum| A Well Dressed Home.


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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Guest Blogger: Page from Faith's Place


Thank you so much for the opportunity to share my space!! I am an avid fan of "House of Turquoise" and am so excited to be stopping by today!

My name is Paige and my blog is called Faith's Place.

I am the wife to my my 3rd grade sweetheart (yep, that's right, I said 3rd grade) and mother to 2 beautiful little girls! Currently, my husband is deployed to Iraq on a year long tour (14 months, actually). I took this past year to challenge myself to 100 "Deployment Projects" as my coping mechanism to get through this deployment! It has given me a chance to focus on our home and our children, rather than thinking about his looonnnggg deployment!!! As of today, I have 11 projects to finish by the end of the month....when the hubby FINALLY comes home!! YAY!!!

One of my latest deployment projects is my Master Bedroom. I feel that decorating doesn't have to cost a lot of money...working with what you have, or being frugal can also give you wonderful results. I realize that I will never be on the cover of DECOR magazine or Better Homes and Gardens, but I do know that over the last year I have been able to create spaces in our home that reflect our personality and character....a home that I am proud to show off because it's where I have so diligently made my "nest" over the last year!

You can read ALL about my Master Bedroom redo with before pictures by clicking HERE.

So, thank you for taking the time to check out "my space".
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Monday, June 6, 2011

Guest Blogger: Annette Tatum "Bohemian Inspired Nurseries"

One of the best things about having a baby is designing a nursery in a special style that is designed both for mother and child. When Minnie Driver asked me to design her Hollywood nursery, she wanted the room to have a "bohemian" style that fit her home decor, but also had special touches of whimsy that made the environment more child-like. From the scalloped edges on the window shades, to the cocoon like netting over the crib, the colors and eclectic collection of furntiure all speak to her personal style. An easy daybed filled with fun pillows for napping and quiet time to the recovered glider chair compete with patchworked textiles. The aqua walls, green accents and pops of pink and orange all dance together in a caravan of color, creating a one of a kind "boho" nursery especially designed for Minnie.

Our new "Bohemian Inspired" Little House Collection introduces a colorful plate of possibilities for your child's room or nursery. Designed to stimulate the senses, we invite parents to travel through exotic color and bring the boho spirit into your child's world. Shop the entire collection here!

For more inspirations for your home decor, visit Annette Tatum's blog or purchase her book, "The Well-Dressed Home"!
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Monday, May 9, 2011

Guest Blogger: Megan from MIMI+MEG

Hello everyone, Megan here from MIMI+MEG to share with you some of my favorite turquoise table lamps.

1. Recycled Rock Candy Glass Lamps from Swank Lighting
2. Robert Abbey, Delta Table Lamp
3. Mariposa Table Lamp from ZGallerie
4. Pottery Lamps from Pieces

While we're at it, I've also put together some amazing turquoise accessories for your summer wardrobe!

1. Dolce Vita, Jollen
2. Banana Republic, Stone Foldover Clutch
3. Kendra Scott, Danielle Earrings
4. Virginia Johnson, Sack Luggage
5. Brooklyn Thread, Turquoise Slab Necklace
6. Marc by Marc Jacobs, Natasha Bag
7. OPI, Read My Palm via InStyle

Thanks Megan! And thanks to all my fabulous guest bloggers these last couple weeks...I hope you all enjoyed their posts as much as I did! I should be back here tomorrow, fresh from the honeymoon!! -Erin
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Friday, May 6, 2011

Guest Blogger: Elisabeth from Bovagoods

wow! am i really here? house of turquoise???? this is amazing.

hello everyone! i am elisabeth bova.

my blog is called bovagoods. and i....

am a stay-at-home-mom.
married my jr. high sweetheart.
drive a mini-van.
have brilliant organizational moments.
am really disorganized.
love antiques, family heirlooms, thrifting and spray paint.
do it myself.
live in the south.
was raised in the mid-west.
rarely ever take my camera off "auto".
never have a budget to redecorate...
...but do anyway.
am soooo thankful to erin for having me here today!

i am thrilled to share our dining room with you today. it was so fun to put this room together. i can guarantee that everything in this room is one or more of the following: old, new, handed down, inherited, gifted, thrifted, handmade, re-created, or spray painted.

here are some quick details about the room:

paint color is SW "black fox".
chandelier was $7.
blue chair is reeeeally reeeelly old.
curtains are from ikea.
shelf is west elm; why, oh why don't they make this one anymore?
green table that survived a roof collapse was $50.
buffet is from craigslist.
vanity bench purchased at a local antique store.
china cabinet = family heirloom.
chairs are from target.

the painting above the buffet was my inspiration for the room. it's watercolor and was painted by my brother. isn't he amazing? my father-in-law (also pretty amazing) made the frame from reclaimed pine support beams that came out of the building where my brother painted the painting (his art studio). a perfect marriage. and a great story. i love great stories. almost everything in my house has a story.

it's so much more fun that way.

you can go here to read all about the room. and i mean ALL about it. so, grab your coffee, take a potty break, turn on disney jr. for the kids and come on over. enjoy the goods.

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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Guest Blogger: Britt of A Baby, A Dog and A Blog

This is my idea of a great vacation destination! How gorgeous are the pillows and curtains in the bedroom? And those egg chairs?

Last month, my husband was lucky enough (although I'm sure he didn't appreciate it as much as I would) to stay at Motel One in Germany. He felt right at home staying in a turquoise hotel since our house (especially our daughter's nursery) is covered in that gorgeous color.

If you are headed to Germany or its neighbors, check out Motel One and then tell me all about how awesome it is to stay in a turquoise hotel.

I am a stay-at-home mom to my 7 month old daughter and dog. I love cooking, decorating and of course the color turquoise. Check out my blog: A Baby, A Dog and A Blog.
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