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Friday, June 17, 2011

Day Five: Dream Home Tour

I'm so sad this tour is coming to an end! A million thank you's to Cristi and Jeff for welcoming us all into their amazing home! I hope you thoroughly enjoyed it as much as I did, and that our final day today left you with a ton of inspiration. I'm totally smitten with the master bedroom in their home. Doesn't it exude such a calming retreat-like vibe?? I love that they went with the grasscloth wallcovering from Thibaut...the texture and color is perfection. The sliding barn door is super cute too! And HELLO, dream bath alert! Did you see all that glorious tile?! We can thank the talented guys over at Greg's Tile Creations for that eye candy. It looks fantastic with the wallpaper (Coral Gables from Thibaut). I really love the layout of this space, the corner vanity is so cool, and the open shower like that. I'd never manage to get ready in the mornings with all this beauty to stare off at!

Next we have their upstairs hallway. I've never seen a more lovelier window seat! I love Cristi's display cabinet here...almost everything you see was passed down from her mom. Love the wallpaper in this area too...Thibaut of course (Roma in White on Pearl). She has even more sentimental stuff displayed in that gorgeous laundry room, in addition to more beautiful cabinetry work done by Benjamin Blackwelder (painted BM Palladian pretty). I love that the flower panels are doors that are covering the circuit switches. Cute touch!

Lastly in this week-long tour is the breezy family room. This looks like the place the family kicks back and relaxes. Did you see that fan?! Coolest thing ever! I've been crazy about that Tiffany Peacock rug forever! Seriously this home has some brilliant, colorful rugs, doesn't it?!

So that's it you guys! For more info on Morgan Hatfield, the outstanding builder of this dream home, visit Hatfield Homes. The uber-talented interior designer Lindy Allen did an amazing job in every single room here, so be sure to visit her store Four Chairs Furniture. Lastly, we wouldn't have enjoyed this tour nearly as much if the photography wasn't so stunning. Cristi and Jessi Safsten did one heck of a job with the photos! Check out their blog at hiya papaya for never-ending gems, and if you're in Utah, look them up because they do amazing wedding photography and portraits too! And with that, I hope you all have a fantastic weekend...enjoy every minute!! :)

Check out Day One, Day Two, Day Three and Day Four of this home tour!

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Day Two: Dream Home Tour

And the tour continues...mouths agape for sure! For me the most striking thing about Cristi's home is the flooring. Absolutely beyond beautiful. It is actually a reclaimed oak that the couple got from a barn back on the east coast. The brick floor in the mudroom is also reclaimed, found by the builder Hatfield Homes. I'm sure you all noticed the colorful barn wood on the wall in the world's most adorable mudroom...yeah, that wood came from the farm Cristi grew up on in Idaho. Being a super sentimental person, that's one her favorite things in the whole house. I would LOVE to do that with the barn wood from my grandparent's special!

The living room is just something else. I adore the serene color palette, the mix of patterns going on and the subtle nod to the coast. And how incredible is the piano room?! That floor!!! The ceiling is so cool too. It was actually done by their cabinet guy, Benjamin Blackwelder. Just wait until tomorrow when you see the eye candy he cooked up in the kitchen!

If you missed out on Day One of the tour, check it out here! Like yesterday, these beautiful interior photos were taken by the homeowner Cristi and Jessi can see more of their photography at Hiya Papaya! A lot of the furnishings you see came from designer Lindy Allen and her store Four Chairs Furniture. But if you have any questions about anything, just ask!

Edit: Here is source info as requested!

View Day One, Day Three, Day Four or Day Five! of the tour!

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Monday, May 23, 2011

Dreamy Hallway and Fun News!!!

It was instant love when I spotted this hall designed by Celerie Kemble over at theLENNOXX! Linda's post might have been all about shadow box molding, but it was the gorgeous wallcovering that really grabbed my attention. Ok really, to be honest, it was the adorable pup. Look at him just staring up at us....can you handle it?!

Well I can't. And Chris can't either. Because this weekend we happened to bring home our very own new little bulldog!! We've been thinking of names for a week, and yesterday after having her around for 24 hours it just hit us. She's Gertie (y'know, short for Gertrude). And she is just the sweetest little lady. I've never had a puppy before, so this is all very exciting! Now I just have to convince my cats....
Hi guys!
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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Diamond and Baratta

If anyone knows how to make a strong statement with turquoise, hands down it's Diamond and Baratta. I've shown you the vibrant home from the first image before (how could you forget it?), but I just came across the foyer and had to share it too. That chandelier made my heart stop! The other entrance I found on Absolutely Beautiful Things is from another Florida home designed by these two color geniuses. Granted we might not want to live in either home, but how fun to look at or visit. You just have to hand it to these guys for taking such bold risks!

Thanks for all your great suggestions yesterday about my upcoming trip to New York! You guys are so awesome! :)
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Friday, September 17, 2010

Jessica Thomas

I was delighted to discover the colorful world of stylist Jessica Thomas through The Newlywed Diaries. I guess it's not much of a discovery, since I've already seen and loved so much of her work in a ton of magazines. I love knowing who the talent behind all the beauty is! Check out her portfolio and I know you'll recognize a bunch more photographs!

Have a great weekend everyone! There's still time to be entered in my giveaway!
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Monday, August 30, 2010

Birch & Lily

My favorite discovery last week was the tumblr Birch & many wonderful interiors collected over there, I had a ball going through them all. I really love Tumblr, I could get lost in there for hours. But it's so frustrating when I can't find any info at all on the photos posted! You can go as far back as you can, but still nothing! Reminds me of this this quote from Door Sixteen I read on the Paris Hotel Boutique Journal: "Tumblr is the place where copyrights and credits go to die." Lynn's whole post is well worth a read and I couldn't agree more with her. It's sad that these amazingly creative people aren't being recognized. So with that being said, here were some of my favorites from that tumblr. Do any of you happen to have any info on any of them??

Edit- Kristin from Kitchen Beautiful found us lots more images of the kitchen in the 6th image! See it here! Thanks Kristin!!
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Monday, June 28, 2010

Lisa Teague

I'm so excited to share this delightful home belonging to New Hampshire-based designer Lisa Teague, and photographed so beautifully by none other than James Salomon. Lisa is known for her keen sense of color and custom wall finishes, which are clearly demonstrated in her amazing home! Her neighborhood of brick homes, known as Atlantic Heights, was architect-designed and built in 1917 for shipyard workers. (And is currently one of the best neighborhoods in the North East to buy a home, according to This Old House.) Her home boasts a view of the Picataqua River, and I thought it was cute that Lisa said she kept pretending it was a boat and outfitted it as such. She said that even though it's only 700 sq ft, it functions beautifully. If you live around Portsmouth, you should be aware that Lisa teaches classes in color concepts and organic plasters and finishes. So cool! She also has a blog filled with inspiration and great photos! For more of her work, view her website here, and for more from James, head here!
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